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If there are active termites or some termite history and all conducive conditions have been eliminated, you may have a Timber Safe policy in place instantly with no need for a Termite Management System. So for reassurance by termites, contact us now for an inspection report and completely free insurance assessment. .

Prevention or early detection of termite activity is the essential means of reducing the costs associated with termite damage. Termites are subterranean and close by nature, they can fit through gaps as small as 1.5mm, and can travel underground to get to your home. The queen termite is a egg-laying system, capable of residing for at least 2 5 decades and generating around 2,000 eggs per day (thats more than 9 million eggs in her life )! This equates to 30 termite colonies from a ONE queen.

Every year, termites infest 1 and lead to more damage than fire and floods combined. Thats over $1 billion dollars in damages! The average homeowner then must fork out $7,000-$8,000 in repair costs, but this may easily tally up to countless thousands of dollars if termites are left undetected for a long enough.



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Federal Pest Control offers guaranteed protection against damage repairs and potential treatment prices once you have oneOf our termite systems installed to your property. .



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The CSIRO & Australian Standards recommends at a minimum an yearly termite inspection as the first line of defence to if trying to guarantee the protection of your house. Your home is your biggest investment in terms of hard work, money and enjoy, so you want only the best supplier for your termite control needs. .

Industry studies reveal that termite infestation could reduce the value of a home . Also highlighting that 7 4 percent of buyers could get rid of a potential home in their shortlist if it had been to have termites. Emphasising how routine inspections' costs are in comparison that could stem from infestation. .

Our management services include visual and termite inspections and pre-purchase home inspections. If you're worried about the hazard termites can cause to your current property you can trust Federal to supply you with the facts in an easy to read format and also to provide you with right information, our team will clarify any issues that are identified along with your home and offer detailed recommendations for overcoming the issue, so that you could be sure youve created the best choice for you and your loved ones. .

Whats the first step. Start with a Termite Inspection & Report, by a Federal Pest Control tech. This will inform you if termites are there or just how your house is.  Providing you to help remove conditions conducive to termite infestations. .



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To organise a comprehensive termite inspection and reassurance, complete the form below or call today that is Federal.

Likelihood of Termite Attack The risk of termite attack can vary based on where you reside in Australia. This map below, produced by CSIRO researchers from survey results, is the source for showing the trend. It reveals that all of Australia's populated areas are subject to high termite activity and a high probability of attack on homes. .

Source: does this imply to you It is very important to be aware that the main factor affecting termite hazard is temperature, followed by rainfall. If you reside in a region of Australia be aware! And if you reside in the more tropical coastal regions of Australia be more mindful of termites! .



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Termites are found and active in the majority of Australia's densely populated regions, so familiarize yourself together and how to protect your home from termite damage that is expensive-to-repair and extensive is crucial.



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How They Get In Termites are often known as white ants (since they are creamy white in appearance) but theyre not really ants at all. There are over three hundred and fifty species of  termites  in  Australia  but  only about twenty or so cause damage.

They tunnel through the soil then build mud shelter tubes up check my reference the side to gain access to the building. Regrettably different check these guys out species of termites could make more than 1 kind of the sorts of nests described previously, so its impossible to say that any given termite nest isn't a problem! Its better to assume guard against attack and they're a problem.

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